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What is provided by the Competence Network Obesity?

The Competence Network Obesity is one of the 21 Competence Networks of Medicine which are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Each Competence Network is focused on a specific disease which is characterized by high morbidity and mortality rates. Since 2008 the Competence Network Obesity is funded.

  • Networking of experts in the field of obesity
  • Expert platform for all questions concerning obesity
  • Internationally visible and competetive research platform
  • Transfer of new scientific results into preventive medicine and patient care

Besides promoting obesity research the activities of the Competence Network Obesity include also numerous services to the public and interested professionals.

For public:

  • Providing information

For patients and their relatives:

  • Information about obesity 
  • Prevention, diagnosis and therapy of obesity
  • New research findings and their meaning

For doctors and therapists:

  • Information about evidence-based therapy of obesity
  • Information about current scientific findings and their implementation

For journalists and media:

  • Information about current scientific findings
  • Information and evaluation of new research results
  • Procurement of experts as conversational partners

For organisation, industry and politics:

  • Planning and implementation of activities related to obesity
  • Support of obesity-related projects of the industry
  • Expert advice to political boards and decision-makers
  • Development and evaluation of obesity prevention and management programs in collaboration with cost units